Come and meet one of the most extraordinary countries of Europe!


 “Hungary makes one happy”, this is the summary most often  heard at the end of a trip to Hungary. The lively, relaxed and  open heart of Hungarians make each visit to this modern state  truly refreshing. Budapest is one the most interesting cities in  Europe being the always busy contemporary metropolis with  a rich heritage.”



 1.       Excellent geographical location of Budapest.

 2.       Easy and rapid access from every country.

 3.       Highly developed infrastructure.

 4.       A wide range of activities.

 5.       A more than one-thousand-year-old culture influenced by  the Orient and Occident.

 6.     Nine UNESCO World Heritage sites in Hungary :

The banks of the Danube and the Buda Castle Quarter in Budapest,

Andrássy Avenue and Heroes’ Square in Budapest,

The Tokaj wine region’s historic cultural landscape,

The old village of Hollókő and its surroundings,

Hortobágy National Park, the Puszta,

The millenary Benedictine Abbey of Pannonhalma,

The caves of Aggtelek karst,

The early Christian necropolis of Pécs,

The Fertő Lake cultural landscape.

7.     Thriving cultural life.

8.     Varied and colourful folk culture and arts.

9.     Numerous international festivals.

10.    Budapest and Hungary is very rich in thermal springs.

11.    An acknowledged hospitality throughout the world.

12.    Numerous sport and recreational activities and a great number of wellness and spa opportunities.

13.    The gastronomy and superb quality wines.






·         Surface:                            93 030 km2

·         Population:                       10 043 000 habitants

·         Capital:                             Budapest

·         Time zone:                        Central European Time (CET), as Paris and Berlin

·         Official langue:                  Hungarian

·         State Structure:                 Republic

·         Money:                              Hungarian Forint (HUF)

·         Electricity:                         220 V

·         Geographic situtation:       Central Europe in the Carpatian Basin

·         Important rivers:               Danube, Tisza

·         Climate:                             Continental

·         Phone, FAX:                      International prefix for Hungary: 36, for Budapest: 1

·         Emergency numbers:        General: 112

Ambulance: 104

Police: 107

Fire-fighters: 105

Domestic inquiries: 198

International inquiries: 199

·         Opening hours:                 Supermarkets: Monday – Friday: 10.00 am – 07.00 pm, Saturday:

07.00am – 02.00pm, Sunday: certain NON-STOP shops at frequently visited areas are open. Shopping malls: all shops are open until 09.00pm on Monday – Saturday and until 06.00pm but closed on Sunday.

Banks: Monday – Thursday: 08.00am – 02.00pm, Friday: 08.00am – 01.00pm

Post Offices: Monday – Friday: 08.00am – 06.00pm, Saturday: 08.00am – 01.00pm

·         Holidays:                          January 1, March 15, Easter, Pentecost, May 1, August 20, October  23, December 25-26.


Vajdahunyad castle


Chain bridge